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  The Group was founded in 2004 and established in May 2010. Starting point and foothold, and to the central enterprises as an opportunity to give full play to the role of the vanguard of the party members, and actively carry out the standardization of modern enterprise construction, for the transformation and upgrading of silver good, contribute to the development of development.

Group Party Committee won the Yangzhong City advanced grassroots party branch

Group Party Committee won the Zhenjiang City "five-star" advanced party branch

  Party building concept


  Enterprise party building work is generally faced with the task of heavy production, engineering and political contradictions, the phenomenon of less practical. We proceed from the actual situation of Yinjia Group, insist on not dictating, insist on doing more practical things, insist on the form is not only form, adhere to the layout, inspection, implementation, adhere to create a silver good party building characteristics. We adhere to the development and development as the party's primary task, to improve the learning as a party committee's work, the party and the party as the main method of party committees, so that the party and the group to promote each other, our overall work is three words six words, Party committee grasping "¨ ¨", "trade unions" activities

Group Party Committee to participate in the city's "two new" party workers to promote the promotion of workers and to receive special contributions to the work of the party




Yao Chunhua won the title of Yangzhong City

  Party style


  "Happy Birthday Competition", "Reading the Change of Life Essay Contest", "Staff in the minds of the CEOs essay", " I am a party member, I take the lead, "" I offer, to meet the eighteen "and a series of cultural activities, the establishment of a party service center, staff service centers, volunteer workstations, give full play to the grassroots party organizations in corporate culture Leading the role, effectively enhance the staff of the cohesion and centripetal force.

 Party 5 minutes to learn

 Group Party members and party members and non-party members to participate in volunteer blood donation

Young workers' representatives forum Yangzhong wheat field a pair of shoes runaway, silver beauty with the feet measured the distance of love