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 Carry forward the spirit of enterprise blooming culture bud



June 16, 2001, "Silver Lady" first issue, and her birth:

Indicating that the silver good group in the struggle of the market economy in the mature;

Marking the silver good group "double civilization" construction bear new fruits;

Confirmed that the silver beauty has the courage, thinking, there is creation;


Cold to summer, time flies. We are full of excitement and gratitude of the heart, the common taste and enjoy the start since we started to pick silver good in recent years, bit by bit.

"Silver beauty" is very young, like a seedling, in the sun and rain, under the care of the staff thrive;

"Silver Beauty" is very active, like a stage, flourishing, a hundred schools of thought contend, in the study for progress, in the competition and development;

"Silver Beauty" is very open, like a "magnetic field", learn from its mountain stone, learn from experience and nutrition, for the present use, for my people;

Looking back "Silver Lady" through the course, she shoulders the silver good corporate culture construction mission, witnessed the development of silver Jia scene; she is not the pursuit of elegance to win, nor popular, but with its simple characteristics The perseverance of the will and "carry forward the spirit of silver good, rich corporate culture," the purpose of running, stands in the colorful business publications in the garden; she told the majority of employees and customers to introduce silver good group 22 years of ups and downs, She said the silver good brand and silver good image, her efforts, making the "silver beauty" in the city Federation of Trade Unions organized the "harmonious enterprise excellent newspaper" in the selection, the company is not a businessman, Won the third prize.

As a viable publication, no matter how free and free of its development, her dripping growth is inseparable from the editorial staff of the hard work, but also inseparable from the vast number of readers and correspondent friends rain moisture, we are deeply in the exploration and practice Of the journey, "Silver Lady" always bathed in the meticulous care of the leaders everywhere, always feel the enthusiasm of the majority of enthusiastic readers and careful care, because of that part of the care and love, we have confidence And determined to go! To struggle! Also have this 150 celebration, our editorial department will, as always, adhere to this piece of cultural positions, with this small magazine, opened a new window for the majority of readers A silver good harmonious development, across the development of the Grand View Garden!